10 Fall Trends: The Season’s Latest Ideas

The fall season can represent either full maturity or the onset of decline. Since most homeowners fall in the glass-half-full class of
optimists, the former description fits better. Here, therefore, are 10 trends that will boost optimism as the year transitions into the colder months.

Image: Maren Baxter

1. Soothing and luxurious velvet – There isn’t any time velvet has ever felt so welcoming than in fall especially if you combine it
with other unique textures such as woven baskets and reclaimed wood.

Image:  Odwzorowanie


2. Brass – This colorful alloy, especially when overtly added to furniture, is the new copper. It brings out a resounding beauty that is masculine as it is comforting.

Image: Nick Frank


3. Faux finishes – These décor ideas are to your house what pseudonyms are to a controversial writer. They work great in situations where your interior is due for updates but you are still strapped for cash. These finishes range from floor decals, removable wallpaper and stick-on subway tiles.

Image: murals wallpaper


4. Woven texture – Hanging baskets to create a focal point on the wall brings a certain depth and warmth especially as the year progresses into the colder months. You can extend this texture to the wicker stands and lamp shades.


5. Peeling back the quilts – Though they were replaced by duvets, the old, classic quilts with their handmade, homely feel are definitely be making a comeback. This is especially true because an increasing number of people admit openly that they cannot wait to dump their duvets and chunky knits.

Image: Anthropologie


6. Terra cotta tiles – These tiles are as old as Christ Himself, and though they have been in the shadows for a while now, they may be making a big comeback this fall. The biggest win will come from using them with a dash of classic earthenware as this automatically adds character and warmth to the home.


7. Dark hues – The recent past has seen the glorification of bright white and gray but this fall is set to be different. Because the season leans more towards drama, cozy black shades will easily take the day.

Image: Maren Baxter


8. Bold statement on the ceiling – While accent walls are famous for their captivating nature, ceilings have been docile for the most part. Well, not anymore, expect textured wallpaper, bold paint colors and embossed foam or tin ceiling tiles in these surfaces this coming fall.

Image: The Blog Deco


9. Commanding bedrooms – Décors of the recent past have been conservative in bedrooms with plain white bedding dominating the scene. Well, brace yourself for more color and patterns and even interesting monograms inside these spaces.


10. Home accessories in matte black – Kitchens and bathrooms especially, will spot a lot more faucets and light fixtures in matte black.

Image: house of JADE

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