10 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In (28 Pics)

Despite the time of year or season, the outdoors always offer a natural and unique appeal to humans. The earth, sky, water and other outdoor features promote calmness and refreshment. But, how do you ensure that you enjoy nature while indoors? Most people find it easy to grow houseplants in their living area oblivious that there are many other ways of bringing the outdoors in.

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They include:

Incorporate elements that represent nature in your home décor

Outdoor elements could be anything that is found outside and can be used to decorate your living space. For instance; sea shells, wood, beach sand jars, rocks and straw just to mention a few. If you fail to find these elements, use their murals and photographs.


Let in natural light

Natural light makes your room vibrant and creates hope. Invest in big windows or lighter sheers in order to allow natural light into your home. If you let in adequate natural light into your home, you experience a change in how the outdoor home décor aspect unfolds in your living space.

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Gorgeous window views

The sight of a lush green and well-manicured lawn in the morning can be very therapeutic. Bring outdoor nature in by enjoying the beautiful landscape, pools, and pets or kids playing in the yard. So, ensure that your outdoor is well maintained by cutting overgrown buses and trimming the lawn.

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Decorate with vegetables or fruits

There is fast rising interior home décor trend that incorporates foods in interior space decoration. Most people use limes, lemons, rosemary, and mint leaves because they offer an outdoor visual and aromatic inspiration.

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Use color inspired by outdoor feature

Such colors include; green, blue, yellow, beiges and whites. Green represents the earth and plantation; blue represents the sky and natural water bodies while yellow brings out the sense of freshness and uniqueness by representing fresh flowers and the sun. Outdoor-inspired colors should be used throughout the house. For instance; you can choose earthy colors for walls or refreshing blue for beddings.

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Insist on natural flooring instead of human-made

Some natural flooring options that feel natural, inviting and warm include; bamboo, cork, and wood. Though wooden flour houses may be a bit costly, they are worth more and are cheaper in the long run.

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Utilize natural fibers, patterns, and textures

Hemp, wicker, jute, and rattan are quality materials that are inspired by nature. So, go for these materials when making your furniture. Lampshades, rugs, and baskets add an outdoor feel to any living space.



Use fresh flowers to bring out your sense of style

Fresh flowers are always a great way to invoke the outdoor living atmosphere.

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It may not be possible to incorporate certain outdoor elements into your living space. However, you can hand a painting on your wall that represents the outdoor element you need to portray. You can add an ocean or field of sprouting flowers painting.

Image: Design by Tamara Lee


Add color

Scatter cushions are ideal for adding color to garden furniture. So, they are also used indoors to brighten up conservatory furniture and add comfort.



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Incorporating nature into home décor offers a fresh and unique boost of energy.

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