10 Ways to Make Your Home Instagram Ready

Creating an instagram ready home is truly an art form. It has to simultaneously look picture perfect and also capture the aesthetic and essence of the homeowner. Are you looking to make your space more photographable? We’ve gathered 10 tips to help you achieve an instagram ready home.

Image: @tatiana_home_decor

A gallery wall is the perfect way to showcase your personal style. It provides a lot of versatility giving you the ability to swap out the prints depending on the look and feel you’re trying to photograph.

Image: @copenhagenwilderness

Natural lighting is certainly ideal for photography. But sometimes natural lighting just isn’t an option. If your home has minimal natural lighting, don’t fret! Instead see this as an opportunity to add some flair to your space. Pick a fun lighting fixture to make a bold statement.

Image: @marzena.marideko

Don’t try to replicate someone else’s photographs. This is your chance to highlight features in your home that make you you! Finding your personal style will make your interior design photos stand out from the crowd. It’ll also make your home mean more to you on a personal level.

Image: @herzenstimme 

Having a variety of textures in your home adds depth and intrigue to your photographs. It’s also quite simple to achieve! Let’s say you have a leather couch, just add a faux fur pillow and a knit blanket to create some variety.

Image: @mk.boho 

Liven up your space by adding some house plants. Not only do that add an additional texture, but they also brighten the mood, especially if you live in a city. Please note, if you have pets or children be sure to double check if your plants are non toxic if ingested.

Image: @viktoria.dahlberg 

Adding a bar cart to your living room adds both functionality and visual appeal. Swap out those bottles and accessories depending on the season to easily change up the look.

Image: @astoldbymichelle

Make your space look extra inviting by adding a knit blanket and lighting a candle. Perhaps leave out a steaming mug of coffee on the coffee table and coax your cat to lay down on the couch to make your space appear even more cozy when photographed.

Image: @kristingronas

Take a less is more approach. Minimalism is sweeping the nation and for good reason. Keeping clutter out also does wonders for your mental health.

Image: @sweet_living_interior 

Shelving not only allows you to utilize your space more efficiently, but it also provides excellent styling opportunities. Swap out focal points and change things up based on the season or to suit your mood.

Image: @_mybohome

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to remember this is the space you live in. Keep it functional, keep it personal. Instagram photos where the space appears lived in (i.e. coffee cup on the table, book open on the couch) look so much more personal and attainable.

Image: @marzena.marideko 

Follow the above tips, and your home should be instagram worthy in no time. Above all, remember to be authentic to your true self when designing your space. Create a space that truly feels like home.

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