15 Brilliant Ideas To Transform An Unused Closet Space

Do you have an unused closet in your home? If you have it then you are missing a great area. Whether you’re looking to add more value to the space or just a creative way to use some unused space, these unused closet re-do ideas are sure to your choices, such as turning an unused closet into a nursery, reading nook, office, etc. Take a look below ideas and pick up your favorite!

#1. Squeeze a Home Bar Into The Unused Closet Space:

#2. Maybe You Don’t Need a Hallway Closet, Why Not Turn It Into a Mudroom?

More details at: 11magnolialane.com

#3. Turn it Into a Laundry Room; Simply Fit In The Washer and Dryer and Add White Wire Shelves:

How to do you can see here.

#4. Transform the unused closet into a play nook:

#5. Install Shelving and Set Up a Pantry:

Image source can be found at: houzz.com

#6. Place Crib in The Closet Is a Good Idea If You Have No Separate Room for Your Little One:

#7. What do you think of this closet turned bathroom?

Source: apartmenttherapy.com.

#8. A glass door to a closet-turned-library creates an illusion of greater space:

Source: shoppingcandy.blogspot.com and nytimes.com

#9. Set Up Bunkbeds in a Closet with Doors:

Source: flickr.com  and   houzz.com.

#10. Turn that closet into a functional office space – isn’t this perfect?

Or simply place a small desk for home work:

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

11. Hack The Space for a Cozy Bed Nook:

Source: designertrapped.com.

#12. Build an awesome two story hangout for kiddos:

#13. Turning the closet into a baby changing station will save much space in the nursery:

Source: projectnursery.com and flickr.com

#14. It would be perfectly suitable for a Makeup Vanity Space:

How to do it: lizmarieblog.com

#15. Make a doggy or cat bedroom out of a closet:

Source: popsugar.com

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