15 Useful And Practical Modern Futon Examples To Consider

Futon Styles

Metallic Futon Bed Design

Metallic Futon Bed Design #metallicframe #futonsofaSource: ideapersian1 via Instagram

There are times when you are limited in space and affording both a bed and a sofa is not a possibility. In times like this, a sofa bed is merely irreplaceable. You can easily fit in such a bed into your room and the ability to fold it only adds up to general advantages. The metallic frame will ensure that your sofa serves you well for years.

Futon With Transform Wood Frame

Futon With Transform Wood Frame #woodframe #futonmattressSource: karup_design via Instagram

As you may have already guessed futon sofa bed is super convertible. This means that you can relax on your own in such a cozy futon with a book in your hands, but when guests are staying over, you can unfold it and transform it into a comfortable bed. Adding some more cushions to the picture will only make it better.

The Armrest Grab Sofa Bed

The Armrest Grab Sofa Bed #futonframe #futonbedSource: karup_design via Instagram

It does not take a genius to guess that a full-size futon is actually a queen-size bed, with the only difference to it that it makes 2-in-1. If you do not want to every transform your bed into a sofa, that is entirely up to you since no one said that it is a mandatory function. Besides, such a bed will fit in any boho bedroom just like it has been designed for it. One look at this image will prove our point.

Rustic Futon Daybed

Rustic Futon Daybed #daybed #futonbedSource: annicksimons via Instagram

There is also such thing as a small futon, which can be easily used as a daybed. Do you feel like having a little nap, but you do not want to unmake your bed? There is a comfortable and practical way out! What is more, rustic touch to the futon will only add an exotic vibe to your interior. It is a win-win piece of furniture, that is for sure!

Armless Design

Armless Futon #futonsofa #futonbedSource: homecenter_cl via Instagram

Whether you like it or not but an armless futon looks especially futuristic and modern not to mention cozy. It almost seems that with a sofa like that you would never want to leave your zone of comfort. We must say that there is some truth to the point. It seems like you can sit on the sofa and drift away into it warm and comfy depth. Be careful with an addition to your décor like that!

Traditional Type

Traditional Futon Type #sofa #bedSource: homecenter_cl via Instagram

To tell the truth, classy futons are nothing different from good old living room couches. However, no couch can be as comfy and easy to transform. Besides, with the number of covers available, you can suit it to any room décor or taste you like. To sum it up, it is safe to say that even traditional futon wins over a regular couch!

Adjustable Arms

Adjustable Arms #futonsofaSource: homydeco via Instagram

Very often, people say that a futon may be not that practical due to the absence of arms when compared to a couch. However, that Is not rue since there are also futons with adjustable arms, which can be easily folded as well as unfolded. Such a futon with adjustable arms can serve as even a more comfortable bed for those who like their pillows up or for those who like their beds to be the longest.


Futon Lounger #lounger #futonmattressSource: futonbrasil via Instagram

A lounger is neither a bed nor a futon chair, but something stuck in-between. If you think that it is a bad thing – not at all! On the contrary! Such lounger comes in more than useful when you are having guests over. At first, you can seat them in comfy chairs while enjoying the friendly chat, and then you can unfold the chair and have a sleeping area ready!

Outdoor Futon

Outdoor Futon #outdoorfutonSource: mallemontarq via Instagram

If you have a lovely porch to sit on when the weather is extremely beautiful or a large balcony, then an outdoor futon is a must-have. Aside from the fact that it is light and easy to store, in most cases, it comes with waterproof covers which are more than useful when it starts pouring cats and dogs out of the blue!

Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed #futonbed #futonmattressSource: ffohomefurniture via Instagram

The futon bunk bed is usually the best option for your kid’s room since the kid can have some rest on a sofa and then climb up to have some sleep on top. In times when you are limited in space, such futon comes irreplaceable too.

What is a futon? What is the difference between a futon and a couch? Which one will suit you best? All the questions can be easily answered if you read through this article!

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