18 Fabulous And Stylish Curtains To Hang In Every Room

Black-Out Roll Design

Source: holeroll_jaluzi74_shtory via Instagram

Blackout curtains are created to keep the sun out when you are about to rest. However, you can go a little further than just plain blackouts; you can opt for the ones with a cutout pattern to them. The sun will still be out of your room, but you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous interaction of the pattern and the light coming from the outside. Magnificent!

Beaded Curtains Design With Art Accent

Source: rockettstgeorge.co.uk via Instagram

Just like macramé curtains, beaded ones scream the 80s. However, that does not make them out of date or unfashionable.

On the contrary, many people these days choose beaded design over all the others. You can hang such curtain anywhere you like, be it closet curtains or doorway ones, the effect will be the same. Besides, you can even pick up an artistic pattern to your beaded curtains to add that extra charm to the outlook.

Coral Curtains With Embroidery Border

Source: samuelandsons via Instagram

In most cases, we take curtains as a necessary part of your décor, but how about making them a full-weight accent? These coral design with embroidery on them prove that can be that one part of the interior that attracts attention in the first place. To intensify the impression, you can furnish the room using related hues on the same color palette.

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