18 Fire Pit Designs That Will Make Your Friends Beg For A Bonfire Party

Incredible Fire Pit Ideas To Spice Up Your Backyard With

Surely, every one of you has that inexplicable passion towards bonfires. It is time you let the passion out. The thing is that fire pit in your backyard is that one way to be able to light a bonfire anytime you want it. Besides, such an addition to your backyard will make it the center of all the fun parties in the neighborhood. If you are not a fan of parties, then a cozy warm evening with your loved ones at your side is possible too. All you need to do is to choose the fire pit idea that fits your preferences most; luckily the list is quite long so that you will surely find something suitable.

Backyard Ideas With Fire Pit Area

Fire Pit Area With String Lights

Source: hyggehomestead via Instagram

There are clearly many fire pit ideas to choose from. However, no matter which one you prefer, you need to make sure that the rest of the décor fits too. Nothing adds to your fire pit area more romance than a simple string of lights hung over the area. Try it out, and you will not regret it!

Simple Cozy Backyard Area

Source: becausethings_change via Instagram

There is no need to take your outdoor fire pit to the next level of fabulous for it to be comfortable and useful. Even if there is not that much room in your backyard, a simple fire pit will make it look a lot cozier. Just gather some chairs around it and a perfect hang out area is ready!

Backyard Design With Pool And Fire Area

Source: mccleandesign via Instagram

If you are looking for an all-inclusive resting area in your backyard, we may have an idea in mind. Even if you already have a swimming pool at your service, one thing may still be missing. A simple fire ring is what we have in mind. As you can see, it fits in the exterior just perfectly.

Cozy Backyard Space With Seating Walls

Source: farca.grappin via Instagram

The cozier your backyard fire pit area is, the more often you are going to host guest there. If that is what you are dreaming about, then we know how you can achieve it. Apart from the warmth from the fire pit, make sure that the seating area is so comfortable that once you get in there, you do not want to leave!

Minimalist Backyard Space With Steel Fire Pit

Source: montanafirepits via Instagram

You may be surprised, but the wood burning fire pit can be super minimalistic. However, the fact that your pit is minimalistic does not make it any less practical. You can still gather around it with your friends and family to spend some quality time while the simple fire pit will keep you warm.

Backyard Space With Camp Fire

Source: sarabendrick via Instagram

The fact is that there is a vast range of portable pits to choose from. If you prefer a campfire to all the other options, why not to introduce it to your backyard. A small fire pit and a simple sitting area go well with each other. See for yourself!

The Backyard Fire Area With A Built-In L-shaped Sofa

Source: jeffkingandco via Instagram

The stone fire pit is clearly not that portable so that you should come up with a permanent place for it. Once you find it, you can start with the decoration. It is best if you combine the fire pit with a built-in sofa. Aside from the fact that such a resting area looks exquisite, it is over the edge comfortable and cozy.

Rustic Backyard Fire Pit Design

Source: ourhavenbliss via Instagram

Rustic interior, as well as exterior, is highly popular these days. That is why if you want to introduce a trendy and useful element into your backyard, we may have an idea in mind. a rustic fire pit with simple benches around it is precisely the idea we have in mind. We are more than confident that you will come to like it!

Fire Area With Wood Chairs And String Lights

Source: ourcozycasa via Instagram

The best part about some fire pits is that you can easily transform them into a fire pit table. If you are partying outside, but there is no need for the fire yet, use the pit as a perfect table. Later on, you can switch on some lights and light the fire up.

Boho Backyard Space With Fire Places

Source: maisonsdumondeuk via Instagram

A portable fire pit is a perfect option for those who do not have a large backyard or porch. You can easily fit in such a boho pit next to your comfortable sitting area. Besides, such a pit will add that perfect designer touch to your backyard.

Modern Backyard Space With Fire Pit Area

Source: duralockinterlocking via Instagram

If you are looking for a patio fire pit – we have just a proper suggestion at hand. A modern backyard requires a modern fire pit. That is why it is essential that your fire pit is as minimalistic and as simple as possible, while the rest of the area is as cozy and as comfortable as you can afford.

Beach Rest Space With Fire Pit

Source: roomstogooutdoor via Instagram

When your backyard faces the beach and the ocean, it seems that there is nothing else you will possibly require. However, a tiny fire pit in the middle of your resting area will add up to the unforgettable atmosphere. Besides, evening at the beach may get cold at times.

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