18 Incredible Wall Planter Pots For Devoted Plant Fans

Fun Painted Wall Plants Pots

Fun Painted Wall Plants Pots #paintedpotsPIN ITSource: vbean via Instagram

Every plant lover creates his or her wall garden according to peculiar tastes and wishes. It also matters greatly upon the room you choose to decorate with wall planter pots. If it is a kitchen we are talking about, then we would advise you to pay attention to some fun pots that can serve the purpose of pots and vases at once. With a combo like that, the atmosphere in your kitchen will always be fresh and cheerful.

Etched Ceramic Wall Pocket Planters

Etched Ceramic Wall Pocket Planters #ceramicpots #airplantsPIN ITSource: reclaimedwarehouse via Instagram

It is not that difficult to realize that sometimes there are not so many plants to create a real orangery on your wall. Yet, that does not mean that you can’t add a couple of etched planters to the wall. When compared to hand-made ones, these ceramic wall pocket planters are very modern and reserved looking, so that they will not stand out but will add up to the stylish atmosphere.

Black Wall Sconces For Your Plants

Black Wall Sconces For Your Plants #wallsconces #smallpotsPIN ITSource: haegur via Instagram

Those of you who are looking for the wall planters indoor designs that are neat but stylish, we have it covered for you. The thing is that these triangular pots that resemble ancient pyramids are not only ultra-modern but also simple. Besides, they come in various sizes and colors so that you can fit such wall scones to any room in your house.

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