18 Vaulted Ceiling Designs That Deserve Your Attention

Second Living Space With Wood Vaulted Ceiling

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There is a popular opinion that a vaulted ceiling is just a waste of space. However, if you transform the vaulted ceiling into a second-floor living room, no one would dare to say anything of the kind. Such a second-floor living space looks modern and cozy.

Living Room With White And Wood Beams

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Surely, just like classic kitchen some of you may dream about the same living room. In case we have just described your dream –then look at this white living room with rustic wood beams and use it to your inspiration!

White Living Room With Loft And Vaulted Ceiling

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There are many different styles that are trending at the moment — rustic, loft, farmhouse. However, very often people choose to give just one style a try. We say that you should not limit your imagination. If you want to combine the loft living room with a rustic vaulted ceiling – go for it. As you can see the result can turn out to be pretty impressive and unique.

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