20 Fabulous And Unusual Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer #jewelrycasePIN ITSource: baublebible via Instagram

Very often, we leave one important detail out when planning a trip. What we have in mind is the travel jewelry organizer. Do you like your jewelry lying around your suitcase? No, we don’t either. That is why we suggest you get a simple and cute travel box for your jewelry. We promise you that you will never regret the purchase.

Rings Holder Design

Rings Holder Design #ringsholderPIN ITSource: modernmud_ceramics via Instagram

To tell you the truth, a jewelry stand is not a very good organizer for anything but rings. The stand fits your collection of rings; let’s assume that you have one, perfectly. So, if you are a ring addict, such a fab stand is that one thing that is still missing from your vanity table!

Acrylic Jewelry Organizer

Acrylic Jewelry Organizer #jewelryboxPIN ITSource: chuanglan_vicky via Instagram

If you do not have a spare drawer to fit your jewelry tray in, then you need a jewelry drawer organizer. We must admit that it is a little space-consuming, but if you have lots of jewelry randomly lying around the flat, this your perfect option to gain order!

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