36 Modern Ideas To Decorate Easter Eggs

Hipster Black & White Eggs

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We really love these Easter egg decorating ideas for adults. In case you like drawing, these ideas will work great for you. You will just need permanent markers, much creativity, and eggs. We would recommend that you draw carefully and not in a hurry. Also, it is better to wait until the marker sets and only then work with another side. And a towel can help save the hands from any marker smudges. So simple and so cool!

Golden Charm

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Don’t you think that golden Easter eggs look elegant and charming? They are absolutely easy to do. All you need is special golden paint or foil for egg decoration. Look how gorgeous can be simple chicken eggs!

Incredible Galaxy Easter Eggs

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These galaxy egg painting ideas appear otherworldly, don’t you agree? And you can recreate them on plastic eggs, using acrylic paints of various shades and several brushes of different density. First, paint the eggs black. Then you will need acrylic paints in gold, black, blue, purple, and white. Using any brush, just swirl one color on an egg and while the paint is not dry, add another color. Then wait till these two colors dry and proceed with more color pairs. Use as many colors as you wish for a miraculous effect.

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