8+ Bathroom Floating Shelves Design to Save Room

The size of the bathroom that is not spacious is a challenge for managing and designing the bathroom. To overcome this problem, you can add a bathroom floating shelves that will greatly save space. So that space remains maximum with maximum storage as well. Floating shelves are also more flexible, their functions can be used to put various kinds of objects.

Several factors need to be considered such as the size that is to be installed, the space to be used, the wall shelf material. Matching the style of wall shelves with the concept of the home interior can also add aesthetic value.

Select The Appropriate Bathroom Floating Shelves Material

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Starting from solid wood, wood panels, iron, plastic and so on. This material certainly affects the price. So it should be another consideration when choosing bathroom floating shelves.

Here are various forms of wall shelves with various additional features to save space and look stylish bathroom.

Shape Baskets For Bathroom Floating Shelves At Low Prices

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Rattan baskets can be used as floating shelves in the bathroom in addition to the storage function and accents that beautify the look. Because it is made from rattan, it certainly will give a different impression that is more natural in the bathroom.

Additional Cabinet Drawers

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Additional drawers will provide additional space to store various items in the bathroom. The number of drawers can also be adjusted to the needs and availability of space in the bathroom.

Bathroom Floating Shelves With Knob

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One of the multifunctional design of bathroom floating shelves can also be made multi-function. The top that can be used as a storage soap or shampoo, while the bottom can be used to hang clothes or towels.

Reuse Used Goods For Bathroom

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In addition to solid items such as wood or iron, used goods can also be used for bathroom floating shelves. For example, the remaining construction plywood that is no longer used, or even the remaining water pipe installation. To add beauty, LED lights can be added. The lights function so that the wall shelf display is more attractive. LED strip lights with various color variants ranging from yellow, white, blue can be added to storage in the bathroom.

Design Of Floating Shelves With Mirror Ornaments

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Floating shelves with mirrors can be placed near the door to be more efficient and to beautify the bathroom.

Floating Shelves With Unique Balconies

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With the balcony as a barrier, the items on the shelves will not fall or sag forward.

Bathroom Floating Shelves With A Functional Pole Bar

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Floating shelves with bars are one of the storage in a multifunctional bathroom. Storage of this model can store more items.

Bathroom Floating With Slide Doors For Corner

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Corner angles that are usually difficult to reach can be tricked by installing bathroom floating shelves with slide doors. Glass material can also be applied as a sliding door, so to see the contents of the cabinet shelf walls do not need to open the door and just see from the outside.

Add Functionality To The Bathroom

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Shelves with floating models have various functions such as putting room accessories such as displays and photos, reading books, bathroom equipment to function as a television table. Laying it in the bathroom will really help give more space and flexibility when doing activities in the bathroom.

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