French Country Decor Ideas For Those Of You With Exquisite Taste

Traditional French Country Prints

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French country decor has its peculiar prints as well. That is why if you have nothing against roosters, olives, sunflowers, grapes, lavender, and beetles then this style is perfect for you. Keep it in mind that the prints need to be introduced into the interior with equal intervals otherwise the atmosphere may be ruined. Plaids, checks, and lines are also essential when it comes to French country prints.

French Country Decorating

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French country decor, in general, is about lots of details. That is why you need to be in love with ceramics, woven baskets, pottery, glass and a significant amount of wood. Do not forget about the paintings, especially the old ones. Also, there is a need for flowers to be present everywhere to revive the atmosphere. It may seem like too many elements put together but when you look at it all combined – rest assured nothing will look out of place, and that is the beauty of French country décor.

Soft Accents For Family Room

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French country home decor is all about the soft accents that will put your mind to rest after a hectic modern day. That is why pastel colors are so important as well as provincial patterns. Decorative trim and lace shouldn’t be left out.

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