How to Design your Home Office for Success

May be this is the situation you find yourself in: your family has grown and every square foot of your three-bedroom house is now
put to use. Your home office has now been pushed into a dusty attic or the dingy dungeon-like basement. To put it right, the home space you call office would better suit a vampire but not a mere mortal like you.

May be you have gladly made the sacrifice since family comes first. But did you know that cramped and dark office is harming
your business? Even worse, it kills your psyche every time you set your foot in there.

There is a reason why technology startups in Silicon Valley pump a lot of money into their offices. It may seem as a show off and
unnecessary dollar-burning undertaking but research supports the idea. Well-designed office space raises your morale and productivity.

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You should invest in you through a home workplace that will not only inspire but give you the reason to keep working every other day. To help you with that, here is how to design your home office for success:


Bring in your personality in every square inch

You will find inspiration every time you enter your home office and feel like it is your own reflection. Bring in your persona in your space. From the furniture, the walls and floor; let it be about you.


Get it right with color psychology

Did you know that there is so much power in color? There is a reason why hospitals are painted in white and blue while a beauty
parlor would be screaming purple. Color affects your productivity and energy levels. These two are what makes or breaks your success. For starters, blue and green are good choices in that order.

Use economy of space

For a home office, space will always be the problem. You need to plan well for the available space. Buy space-saving furniture so as to be left with some space to stretch when you are tired. For your storage needs, use the vertical space to avoid cluttering the floor.


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