How to Make a Cheese Wreath

Happy Christmas season! Today I have a fun and quick tip for how to make a cheese wreath! I’ve always thought cheese wreaths look festive and fun. We always have cheese appetizers around at any get together so this is a way to make things cute!

How to Make a Cheese Wreath

We’ve been having a lot of fun getting ready for Christmas. This is our first Christmas in our new house and I FINALLY get to have 2 Christmas trees in this house! You can see our first Christmas tree with some pretty garland here. This year we had our outdoor Christmas lights professionally installed and we think they look very pretty:) This neighborhood is so beautiful this time of year! It seems like every single house is beautifully decorated and I heard there’s even a contest for the best decorated house. Something tells me one of these houses will win… they’re just down the street from us:

Can you imagine how many kids walk and drive by these homes and smile? This neighborhood sure does know how to spread the holiday cheer!

Back to business!

When making a cheese wreath, you can use any kind of cheese you want. You’ll see what kinds of cheeses we used in our video, but in order to make a perfectly circle shaped cheese wreath, you’ll need this one thing:

A springform cake pan!

Check out how to make one for Christmas ever in this video!

Isn’t that fun and easy?

If you don’t have a small ramekin, you can use a cup or anything circular. We think this cheese wreath would be fun with this Christmas Rosé and these turkey meatballs. We are so excited for Christmas!


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  1. Cut your cheeses of choice into cubes
  2. Put the springform cake pan in the center of the cheese board
  3. Place the ramikin in the center of the springform pan 
  4. Fill the springform pan with cheese cubes
  5. Add olives on top
  6. Gently unbuckle the springform pan and lift it away, adjusting any little cubes of cheese that need it
  7. Add sprigs of rosemary around the cheese
  8. Remove the ramikin from the center
  9. Add a bow on top!

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