How to Make a No-Sew Structured Paper Towel Face Mask

Oh hey there! What have you been up to lately? Funny… us too:) We are at home and we’re making the best of things the only way we know how to. I can assume this sound very similar to your house right now. Today I’m sharing how to make a Paper Towel Face Mask for those of us who can’t sew and are low on supplies. Plus, to make it even easier, I made a short and sweet DIY Paper Towel Mask Video. There are several variations for supplies for you to use, so I’m sure you can make it work for you when you need it. Be sure to pin and save this for when you need it

Paper Towel Face Mask

Paper towel masks capture fewer particles than surgical masks and N95 masks. However, if it is the only material you have, it is better than nothing! You can whip up a paper towel face mask in a matter of seconds! If your community is taking legal action on those not wearing a mask in public, you need to keep this post just in case! In Laguna Beach (were my kids go to school), we will be fined if we go outside without a mask. Therefore, little tips and tricks like this are crucial. Plus, these face masks are SO simple to make that even kids could make them.

What I love most about my paper towel face mask is that it is structured, meaning that it is contoured around your face. I was able to use basic hair ties to fit around my ears. I’m sure this size would fit for children too. If you are making one for a male or a teenager, consider using rubber bands, string, or ribbon. You could easily measure and cut to customize the size around the ear for anyone who needs a face mask.

If you can fold a paper towel, then you can make one of these masks. The trick to making a paper towel mask structured? A simple piece of paper. I used printer paper (because it’s what I have on hand… although we’re running low because of homeschool LOL!). If you have card stock, an extra manila folder, or anything of the sort, that will work too. The extra layer of paper helps create a shape to the mask.

Paper Towel Face Mask

Check out my video in this post for how easy it is to assemble a no-sew Paper Towel Face Mask! Whether you want to help someone in need or are looking for a boredom buster that could potentially help people in the future, this post is for you! It’s a great way to pass the time if you have cabin fever. It’s also a fun craft for kids who could easily use regular school glue or even a stapler. Who knows, you might end up helping people along the way. We’re in this together

Paper Towel Face Mask

Do you have a sewing machine? Click the picture above for directions on how to sew a face mask. Or, you can find the tutorial HERE. For a paper towel masks, you don’t need a sewing machine though. While I make no claims that these masks will prevent anything or save anyone, I do know that some people are extremely creative and the need is there. Any mask might be better than no mask at all in certain situations (especially if you’ll be in trouble for going outside without one!).

With a few simple folds, a ruler, a strip of paper, and glue you too can make a face mask. Staples can be used in place of glue. Just be sure the smooth side of the staple is on your face. Ribbon, rubber bands, string, or any kind of material can be used to make the mask larger. Paper towels don’t stretch, so you’ll want to make sure the ear length fits your face.

Paper Towel Face Mask

Please be aware that if you plan to make a mask for someone else, you need to sanitize the surface you are working on. You also need to wear a mask yourself AND gloves while making masks for others! When giving them to others, place a sanitary mask and a clean filter in a new ziplock bag.

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You Will Need

  • Standard size ruler – or something like it
  • Paper – or card stock, manila file folder, etc.
  • 1 paper towel that is 7 inches wide (a typical “select a size” paper towel, or cut to 7 inches wide)
  • 2 hair ties, rubber bands, pieces of string, or even ribbon. Consider measuring to make sure your length works for your mask.
  • Hot glue – or staples, tape, even school glue… whatever you have


  1. Plug in your glue gun so it can warm up
  2. Using the width of the ruler, cut one piece of paper as seen in the video
  3. Fold the paper towel in half, as seen in my video
  4. Place the ruler in the center of the folded napkin
  5. Fold the two halves toward up toward to the ruler creating a “U” shape
  6. Keep in mind that the open part of the folded napkin is the bottom of the mask. Lift up the folded “U” shape napkin and place the strip of cut paper into the center
  7. According to my quick and easy video seen in this post, “half fold” the top and bottom of the paper towel towards the center
  8. Flip the mask over (now you’re looking at the front) and hot glue/staple/tape the elastic bands in place using the extra tabs of paper on each side of the mask
  9. Fold and glue the extra corner of the napkin inside
  10. Gently place the straps around your ears, pull the mask folds apart over your nose and mount, then pinch a piece for your nose (as seen in the video).

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