How to Make Giant Christmas Decorations for Four Ways!

Merry Christmas everyone! Today I’m sharing some of my new posts and old posts because they have a theme that could be very helpful for those of us who like to craft and create our own Christmas Decorations. They all look SO GOOD together alongside your other decorations. SO many people have found Smart School House because of these big home made Christmas projects. I’m so happy to show you How to Make Giant Christmas Decorations for your home, classroom, or workplace! Below each picture is the video tutorial for how to make that ornament. For specific details, click on the number and title of the project to see supply list and shopping details. 

How to Make Giant Christmas Decorations

1. How to Make Giant Jingle Bells

They look so amazing and you can use them to decorate in a variety of ways. They can be hung by their strings, set around the fireplace, added to garland on the mantle, or even added to your Christmas tree! I can’t wait to show you how they’re made. See the detailed supply list and directions here. 

2. DIY Silver Bells

I made these Giant Silver Bells to hang along some garland. Adding greenery around the silver bells makes them really “pop” and stand out! They would look so beautiful hanging in front of the house! Be sure to check out the video directions within this post to see exactly how I assembled them. Get the detailed supply list and directions for these Giant Silver Bells  here. 

3. Giant Lollipops

SO many people love this easy DIY Christmas craft! These are giant paper plate lollipops for Christmas. They are super cute as a garden decoration or you can line your driveway with them. Plus, they cost less than a dollar each to make! Get the supply list and directions for these Giant Lollipops here.

4. How to Make Giant Ornaments

Bring in the Holidays with these Giant Christmas Ornaments for your home! Best of all, they will only cost a few dollars and they look incredible! Oversized Christmas ornaments look wonderfully fun with any style of Christmas decor. Find the detailed supply list and directions for these Giant Ornaments here. 

5. Ornaments Made With a Ball

You know when a great idea pops in your head and you just HAVE to try it out? That’s what happened to us this week. I was mentally preparing for Christmas (secretly so excited about putting our tree up) and then this DIY craft idea got stuck in my head. Get the full directions for this craft here.

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