Ice Coffee

This Iced Coffee will be better than any Iced Coffee you get from any coffee shop anywhere and it costs less that $1 a glass to make.  You do need some specific supplies to make it, but it is all available on Amazon. Here is what you need to make this Iced Coffee.


  • 1 Small Jar of Medaglia D’oro Instant Espresso
  • I purchase mine on Amazon and I believe it is 3 jars for $12
  • 1 C of Crushed Ice
  • I use this awesome Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet I purchased on Amazon for under $20 because it makes the perfect slushie style ice.
  • Any coffee creamer of your choice, I like all the Flavors from International Delight
  • A 16 Ounce cup, I use a small mason jar
  • 1/3 C of Luke Warm Water


  • Crush your ice in the Lewis Ice Bag with the provided mallet.
  • Add one cap full of the Instant Espresso to the water and mix well. Do not add water to the mix as this causes it to foam a lot and that is not good.
  • Pour the crushed ice into the cup and finish with your flavored creamer of choice.

Recipe adapted from