Introduce Floating Shelves To Your Interior

Metallic Black Geometric Bathroom Shelves

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Your beauty items are not the only things that you can keep in your bathroom. You can add some moisture-loving plants to the décor too. If you think that you would love to do that, but there is nowhere to put the pots, we say – wait until you see this beautiful and simple solution. Black geometric shelves made of metal will fit all your beautiful plants effortlessly.

Round Shelves Design

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To tell you the truth there are a lot more bathroom floating shelves designs than you may have ever expected. For once, there is always something lying on the floor in your bathroom, and secondly there is always something missing from the décor. If you opt for such a round shelf, you will solve the two issues with one shot. You will store lots of necessary items on, and you will freshen the interior up in a stylish way.

Frame Wooden Floating Shelves

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We bet that up till today you thought that frames exist for pictures only. That is when we are going to prove you wrong. Frames can serve as shelves too. You need to upgrade regular shelves a little, but the end result will be certainly worth it. Add a couple of pots to the design, and you will have a lively picture on the shelf and in the frame. How intricate is that!

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