Paper Poinsettias! It’s More Than a Craft, It’s a Science Experiment!

Holiday cheer is so exciting at our house and, if you are ready to fill your home with it, then I’ve got the perfect paper craft to add to your decor. Learning how to make Paper Poinsettias is a great way to spruce up your Christmas packages and gifts as well. You can make bouquets, make a centerpiece with them, or place them on a Christmas tree! This Paper Poinsettia project is more than a craft, it’s a science experiment for kids too!

Paper Poinsettias

Poinsettias can be found in the most stunning colors and varieties! There are speckled versions, bright pink varieties, and much more. We made ours a dark pink/red color. When you’re making your paper poinsettias, get creative and know that you simply can’t go wrong! The easiest way to make these Christmas paper flowers is to use this Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit. This is a craft kit for both children and adults! It makes the most beautiful flowers.

The craft kit gives you 4 varieties of petals. For our flowers, we used 3 different petals to make the poinsettia flower. You’ll want 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small flower petal.

To make the petals more realistic, gently wrap each petal around a pencil. Each petal now his a unique natural shape:) Once the paper flower petals are assembled, you then connect it to a stem that is an absorbent core. After that, you place the flowers in a clear flower pot. This is where the science magic begins!

This craft kit includes 12 flowers that can “re-wick” color over and over to change look and design. Using the magic of physics and capillary action, this hands-on educational toy lets kids learn about the science of water “wicking” as they create colorful paper flowers.

The Crayola craft kit give a large number of potential colors you can make using a variety of blue, orange, and yellow color drops (included in the kit). Kids are SO GOOD at deciding which colors they want to make:) If you color on the petals with a white Crayola crayon before adding water, you can create designs on your flowers.

Paper Poinsettias

Once the water is added to the flower pots, the color is absorbed up the flower stem and into the flower petals. Colors bloom before your very eyes! It’s SO neat to watch! You can add additional drops of color to the tips of the flowers or decorate the petals with Crayola markers (included in the craft kit).

The fun thing about making paper poinsettia flowers is the fact that you can experiment with color and texture! For the poinsettia leaves, I used larger petals and colored them green.

Once the flowers have achieved the shade you like, simply pour out the remaining water and let the flowers dry. I added some chunky gold glitter to the center. After that, I used a small paint brush and glue to add golden accents around the poinsettias. Next to the Christmas lights, the red paper poinsettias sparkle so beautifully!

We cut the green petals apart and glued them to the outside of the red poinsettias. If you want to make a bouquet like we did, simply use a brown lunch bag! Cut a square out of the lunch bag and wrap it around the bundle of festive holiday flowers. You can give this a s a gift or use them as holiday decor around your home. You can find the craft kit HERE for $19.99. It’s ideal for kiddos 7 years and up.

Happy Holidays!!

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