THE PENNY CHALLENGE – Save Hundreds of Dollars Using A Penny

Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Consider starting a penny challenge! Even if it’s not January 1st, you can still start. Begin any day of the year, collect pennies, and after 365 days you will have saved almost $700! I made a cute little label that you can print and put on your penny saving container:)

Penny Challenge

So here’s how it works (this is a great math activity for kids). On day 1, save 1 penny. Then n day 2, save 2 pennies. By day 50, you will have saved 50 pennies!

Have your kids figure out what other coins they can use as the days go on. For example, on day 50 you don’t really have to put 50 entire pennies in your savings jar. Ask your kids, “What other coins could we use?” Consider 2 quarters, 5 dimes, etc.

Want this free cute label that I made?

CLICK HERE for the printable

On the next screen, either download the image or drag and drop it to your desktop. Then print!

I used colorful washi tape to attach it to our savings jar, but use whatever you have!

Happy Savings!

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