White Flowers Every Garden Addict Needs To Be Aware Of

Mystique Alstroemeria Bianca

Source: marniti49 via Instagram

There are many types of white flowers but when it comes to Alstroemeria Bianca, it is surely the most mysterious one. It look extremely gorgeous in combination with other not less gentle flowers as well as on its own. When you decode to plant it in your garden, you better keep it in mind that sun is essential.

Soil Needs: Well-drained
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Growing Zones: 8 – 10

Strict And Royal White Gerbera Daisy

Source: brookefischerart via Instagram

Gerbera daisies are truly majestic flowers. It seems that there is nothing missing nor there is anything out of place about these flowers and that explains why many people are in love with them. However, if you are about to start growing them, you have to be aware of the danger when it comes to crown rotting. Do not plant them too deep to avoid that.

Soil Needs: Well-drained
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun
Growing Zones: 9 – 11

Irresistibly Sweet White Hibiscus

Source: instagarderner via Instagram

The thing is that white hibiscus is actually a tree. However, that does not lessen the beauty of its bloom, quite on the contrary. If you are presenting someone with a white hibiscus bouquet, it may notify them that you are ready to take the opportunity that is why you have to be careful with the hidden meaning. When it comes to looking after the tree – it likes care, save it from cold and drought, and it will surprise you with heavenly bloom.

Soil Needs: Moist, Well-drained
Sunlight Needs: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Growing Zones: 5 – 8

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